Our Innovative
Services offering

... for the lasting distinction of enterprises
Consulting and support in the development of strategies

- Elaboration and coordination of vision, task and entrepreneur model images
- Evaluation of the rules of the future competition with marketing audit
- Determination of the entrepreneurial core competences and success positions
- Coordination of the owner-, company-, business- and market-strategies
- Determination of the entrepreneurial direction of thrust with the indispensable core tasks in marketing

Projects for the successful implementation of strategies

- Coordination of the core processes by consistent functional objectives
- Projects for the internationalization of core competences, joint-ventures, market investigations, market entry
- Support with the lasting brand management with brand positioning, copy strategy and investment planning
- Projects for performance innovation
- Projects for changing the company culture and the identity processes

Legal - and economic consulting

- Inheritance and succession planning mandates for the restoration of profitability
- Company board membership and temporary management mandates
- Brand protection strategies with Trade Mark registrations
- Contracting services