The Market-oriented Change Process

... in four stages

1 Look!
2 Think!
3 Track!
4 Select!
and lead to success

1 Assessment of the situation / Look!

Do we see the world, the markets, the business and the core competences the right way? A marketing audit for the determination of the market situation and of the position of the enterprise, with a structured catalogue of questions.
/ Balanced score cards / Service analysis / SWOT-analysis / Market position / Marketing profile / Marketing structure and system.

2 Possibilities / Think!

Have we identified the best opportunities' potentials, which enable a quantum leap in the development of the enterprise? Workshop for checking out and developing the strategy and for the determination of the key factors for the leadership among the competition.
/ Benchmarking / Best practice in class
/ Standards and dominance of the market offerings / Optimized brand management
/ Opportunities of internationalization.

3 Strategy / Track!

Do we have a clearcut vision and simple marketing strategies for making the fullest possible use of the identified opportunities' potentials? Marketing concept for the successful implementation of the service performances in the market and for the market appearance.
/ Service performance portfolio / Marketing- and sales concept / Brand-CI manual / Brand positioning / Copy strategy / Offerings' profiles
/ Costumer focus programs.

4 Changes / Select!

Does our company culture correspond to the requirements of the future? Management development and adaptation of the company culture have a top-ranking significance for the speedy swift and successful implementation of the strategies.
/ Catalogue of measures / Implementation of the objectives and measures aligned to the levels / Agreement of objectives / Strategic plannig with business- and action plan / Milestones / Management support.

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