Our Alignment

... towards service, clients and the realization of projects.

We are future-oriented, creative catalysts with the commitment to helping our clients to succeed.

We safeguard and increase the competitivity and with it the value of the enterprise.

by providing a professional assistance to our clients for the achievement of demanding profit-, growth- and productivity objectives.

through analytical and conceptual consulting as well as the direct implementation of projects with the top management.

As multi-specialists with marketing intelligence, we contribute functional know-how as well as experience specific to the field to the project teams working in an integrated manner.

We are oriented to the values of our clients with an alignment to the future, with creativity and intelligence.

As managing partner of the Cosma Dialog Company, we provide all services in the fields of dialog marketing and direct communication as optimally matched proprietary callcenter services.

In cooperation with the effact Company for Communication, we provide services in the fields of communication and visualization.

As partner of the optimAS group, we support our clients with management training in line with our strategic business development programs.